Why you should follow your resort on social media


1. Travel advice from people who have been there

A business’ Facebook page is about more than just happy customers gushing about their products or services – it’s about people coming together to share in a business they believe in, and swapping tips and tricks that made their stay easier and more pleasant. Everyone who leaves a review on a Facebook page has actually used the product or service – and can give the best advice as to how to make your dream Fiji vacay even better.

2. Deals and giveaways

Some of the best last-minute deals and giveaways are announced first on social media, and some businesses even offer specials to those who get involved online. Liking and following a business’ Facebook page can be a gateway to deals you never even knew you wanted – saving you money and effort along the way.

3. Fuss-free planning

The easiest way to get information about a holiday is to ask those who have already been there. Fiji Gateway’s Facebook page is a community of holidaymakers and business people who can give you advice on how much you can squeeze into your 12-hour layover, where the best snorkelling tours set off from, and more. And Fiji Gateway staff are constantly monitoring the page, so you can ask them any questions that our website doesn’t answer and get a response straight away.

We’d love to celebrate 2019 with 10,000 Facebook likes – and we need your help. Pop over to our Facebook page and like us, or share our stories with your friends. Everyone needs a little bit of paradise in their lives, and you can share the sunshine every day with the Fiji Gateway Facebook page.