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COVID-19 Update

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A very warm Bula Vinaka to all our past guests, as well as those who are dreaming of a visit in the near future.

Fiji Gateway Hotel remained open for business at all times during the international border closure, as we continued to welcome our local families, friends and corporate travellers. These guests enjoyed the same warm, genuine hospitality as always, along with the comfort, convenience and cleanliness that Fiji Gateway Hotel is renowned for.

We are now incredibly excited to once again be able welcome our international guests.
We have completed an extensive public area upgrade and are also continuing with a fabulous refurbishment of our Hotel rooms.  We are delighted with the bright, fresh, and clean new look, and we can’t wait to show it off to you!

With these modern upgrades, lush green gardens, sparkling pools and lots of fresh air and open spaces, Fiji Gateway Hotel is your natural choice for a safe and relaxing stay!

We look forward to welcoming you again soon!

Lee Pearce
Chief Executive Officer

For further information on Covid-19 requirements and how to prepare for your holiday at Fiji Gateway Hotel, please click here.

Requirements on travelling to Fiji can change at any time.  Please refer to https://www.fiji.travel/covid-19/travelling-to-fiji for the most up to date information.

Health & Hygiene upgrades at Fiji Gateway Hotel

All over the world, Hotels & Resorts are re-inventing how we will do business when holidays and travel begin to return to normal.

Central to this is a significant focus how we can better safeguard the health and safety of our guests and staff.

At Fiji Gateway Hotel, we are fully accredited under the Fiji Government’s Care Fiji Commitment.

We have also implemented our Savasava Hygiene Promise that features a range of upgrades and improvements to many aspects of our daily operations.

Check-In will be a quicker process as we move toward developing pre-arrival and self-check-in options to reduce the time needed to fill out paperwork.  We have also implemented some layout changes so that physical distancing will always be easy to achieve upon arrival and during your stay.

Housekeeping teams have been provided with enhanced cleaning procedures for hotel rooms and guest facilities.  All areas now undergo a “twice cleaned” process that includes a sanitisation stage using the latest technology in Electrostatic Sprayers.

The Restaurant has reduced seating to make physical distancing easy to achieve.  Although we will strive to keep things casual and easy for you, we may need to ask you to book a time slot during peak periods.

Buffet Breakfast has been changed so our staff will now serve you.  The continental selection is still on display so you can select what you want, however it is now served to you by restaurant staff.  Cooked breakfast selections are still available a la carte and are cooked to order.

Pools will continue to be monitored by our pool attendants however will be checked twice as often throughout the day.  We are also introducing an automated chlorine monitoring and dispensing system to our large lagoon style pool with the famous slide.

View our ‘Savasava Hygiene Program Promise‘ document.

Commitment Confirmation document

Exploring Fiji’s cities

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Discover Fiji’s urban landscapes

When you think of Fiji, you likely think of sun, surf, and sand – sugar-white beaches, pure blue ocean, and the many and varied bright cocktails that are the staple of any tropical holiday. But beyond the beaches and dotted amongst Fiji’s lush tropical jungles and plantations lie Fiji’s urban centres, cities filled with culture and adventure, just waiting to be discovered.


The multi-cultural city of Nadi is a great introduction to Fiji, especially for its cultural side with the sounds, tastes and smells of the city centre with a bustling shopping and foodie scene.

95% of Fiji’s tourists begin their journey by travelling to or through Nadi, the home of Nadi International Airport, Fiji’s main international hub. In proximity to the city are lush tropical gardens, adventure activities such as ziplining and quad biking, Fijian villages and much more.

The city is spread across several different urban areas along the Queens Road, where there’s a mix of shops, temples, markets, eateries and nightlife to experience.


Suva is Fiji’s largest city, as well as its capital. It’s located on the opposite side of Viti Levu, and while you can get a flight there from Nadi International Airport, it’s far less expensive to take a scenic express bus trip and see some of Fiji along the way.

Suva has been Fiji’s capital since 1882, and in that time has become a melting pot of history, culture, and modern life. The city boasts beautiful colonial architecture, Fiji’s national museum and is in close proximity to the Colo-i-Suva Forest Park. It also has a thriving performance scene, and a growing reputation as the fashion capital of the South Pacific.


Head north from Nadi and you’ll soon be in Lautoka, Fiji’s second-largest city. Also known as the Sugar City, Lautoka is located right in the heart of Fiji’s sugar cane-growing region.

Lautoka is a major centre for Hare Krishna worldwide,Featuring the Sri Krishna Kaliya Temple, the foremost International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) temple in the South Pacific. Visitors are welcome anytime, but the noon puja (prayer) is not to be missed.


Last but not least, Sigatoka the largest town on Fiji’s Coral Coast, and is a centre for tourism and culture in the south of Viti Levu.

Accessible from Nadi by bus, the Sigatoka skyline is dominated by an ornate Hindu temple, built by Hare Krishna devotees. There is a bustling produce market in the heart of town, a few souvenir shops, a large mosque and a fantasy-style, privately owned mansion overlooking the lot. The Sigatoka River, the second largest in Fiji, flows along the eastern edge of town.


A holiday from your holiday

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The last few hours of an international trip are often not the most relaxing. Between packing your bags, checking out of your hotel, and rushing to make sure you make your flight on time, the restful feeling you’ve just spent your whole trip cultivating can easily be left behind, forgotten amidst the rush of bag check and airport security.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With free airport transfers, wifi, happy hour, a free gym, tennis courts and a swimming pool, you can reclaim your sense of serenity and relaxation by spending your final few holiday hours at Fiji Gateway Hotel.

Check in for your flight, ditch your suitcase, and then spend an hour relaxing by the pool with a cocktail in hand. Free airport transfers will ensure you make it to your flight on time, so you can keep living on Fiji Time for those vital remaining holiday hours.

Touch base with reality while remaining far removed from its stresses with free wifi. Check you emails and get up-to-date with what’s happened in your absence while you’re still relaxing at the bar. No-one likes being brought back to reality, so do it slowly at Fiji Gateway Hotel.

Preserve your sense of equilibrium and get those endorphins flowing with a workout at the gym or a quick game of tennis before you board. Complimentary tennis rackets and balls are provided, and the gym features all your favourite equipment, so you can get back into the swing of things before you even lift off.

All this and more is included when you spend a few hours at Fiji Gateway Hotel. Keep your post-holiday stress to a minimum with amenities designed to keep you relaxed and on Fiji Time, at least for a little while longer.


Join the conversation

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Why you should follow your resort on social media


1. Travel advice from people who have been there

A business’ Facebook page is about more than just happy customers gushing about their products or services – it’s about people coming together to share in a business they believe in, and swapping tips and tricks that made their stay easier and more pleasant. Everyone who leaves a review on a Facebook page has actually used the product or service – and can give the best advice as to how to make your dream Fiji vacay even better.

2. Deals and giveaways

Some of the best last-minute deals and giveaways are announced first on social media, and some businesses even offer specials to those who get involved online. Liking and following a business’ Facebook page can be a gateway to deals you never even knew you wanted – saving you money and effort along the way.

3. Fuss-free planning

The easiest way to get information about a holiday is to ask those who have already been there. Fiji Gateway’s Facebook page is a community of holidaymakers and business people who can give you advice on how much you can squeeze into your 12-hour layover, where the best snorkelling tours set off from, and more. And Fiji Gateway staff are constantly monitoring the page, so you can ask them any questions that our website doesn’t answer and get a response straight away.

We’d love to celebrate 2019 with 10,000 Facebook likes – and we need your help. Pop over to our Facebook page and like us, or share our stories with your friends. Everyone needs a little bit of paradise in their lives, and you can share the sunshine every day with the Fiji Gateway Facebook page.


The perfect base for your Fijian adventure

The perfect base for your Fijian adventure

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When planning your tropical getaway, the first thing you need to decide is what kind of holiday you’re after. Are you keen for the full resort experience, relaxing day after day with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other? Are you keen for an adventure, days hurtling from one adrenaline-fueled experience to the next? Or are you up for a bit of both – a bit of adventure, a few chill cocktails, and very little time in your room?

If you’re a choose-your-own-adventure traveller, you don’t want to be using your whole budget on a giant resort room with all the trimmings. You want a cosy little room with somewhere to hang your hat, somewhere to rest your head, relax watching TV with internet connection so you don’t fall out of touch. Situated across the road from Nadi International Airport, with a free shuttle connection and a poolside lounge, Fiji Gateway Hotel has exactly the kind of room for you.

Spend your days adventuring throughout Fiji’s glorious environment. Hike through its vastly underrated national parks, tour local villages and markets, and then spend your afternoon unwinding by the pool. Our tour desk can organise day trips and tours that could include snorkelling or scuba diving through one of Fiji’s hundreds of miles of protected reefs, surf one – or ten! – of it’s world-ranked breaks, dine in style at a local restaurant, and then head back to your air-conditioned room with ensuite bathroom to refresh, hit the hay and sleep like an angel.

Cosy, affordable, and right next to the airport, Fiji Gateway Hotel’s budget rooms are the perfect option for cash-conscious travellers on the lookout for their next tropical adventure.

A short stay in paradise

A short stay in paradise

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Travelling overseas is often touted as a huge deal, full of making the most of every day and taking enough time away from your everyday life that you forget what it’s like to have a routine. But you don’t have to have two weeks in paradise to make the most of your time off. Maybe you just have a week. Or five days. Or one long weekend. You can still enjoy the beauty and relaxation of Fiji even if you’ve only got twenty-four hours in which to do so. Here’s how.

First, of course, you have to get here. Flights from Melbourne are around four and a half hours, down to three and a half from Brisbane. Flights from Asia are of course going to be pretty short as well, but for a shorter holiday from the UK or US you’ll want to be doing something else on the way, since from LA to Nadi takes over 10 hours and it’s a whopping 23 hours from London. But don’t stress – we’re here for all of you business travellers as well. Why not extend your layover for a night and stay with us, for one lovely day of freedom before getting back to the grind?

Next, where to stay. Fiji of course is famous for its resorts and island getaways, but for a shorter holiday, why not stay at an airport hotel? You can relax almost the instant you get off the plane and it saves more time for whatever you want to do while you’re here.

Which begs the question – what can you do in Fiji if you’re only here for a day or two? You can lounge by the pool, revelling in not having to answer emails, phone calls or family matters. You can stroll down to Nadi Bay, scrunching your feet in the white sand, snorkeling in the clear waters or taking a cruise around the beautiful coastline. You can even take a hike in one of our tropical rainforests and appreciate the diversity and beauty of Fiji’s flora and fauna.

Come visit Fiji, even if only for a day. You won’t regret it.

An eco-friendly Christmas at Fiji Gateway Hotel

An eco-friendly Christmas at Fiji Gateway Hotel

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Fiji’s natural beauty is its greatest asset, and its serene waters, stunning national parks, and world-renowned beaches are worth protecting. At Fiji Gateway Hotel, we’re wholly committed to being eco-friendly. From a ban on plastic bags and straws in our bar and restaurant, thinking green has become a way of life, and influences everything we do.

Christmas is a time for celebrating everything that’s wonderful about Fiji – our friends and family, our workplace, and this beautiful island we call home. In the spirit of eco friendliness, we’ve eschewed our usual plastic Christmas tree for something a little bit different, and much more interesting – a Christmas tree made out of wine bottles!

Raffe Hotels and Resorts Director of Sales, Marketing and Strategic Development Akshay Singh said being environmentally friendly was part and parcel of being a Fijian citizen.

“The whole point of it is to be environmentally focused and protect the environment that we live in because this is what Fiji is all about,” he said.

Our tree is made up of dozens of green and brown wine bottles collected by staff throughout the year. “It’s 920 bottles of wine that have been collected throughout the course of 2018.” Lit up from within, our wine bottle Christmas tree exudes the lavish and joyful Christmas spirit that makes Christmas in Fiji so special.

Small initiatives like this one can have a big impact on the environment, and it’s easy to do at home. We’re proud to have created something that will live on, and that can be reused year after year. “It is fantastic that the team at Fiji Gateway Hotel has shown that you can recycle rather than buying a plastic Christmas tree, which will then create more rubbish,” said Mr Singh.

Mr Singh, the Raffe Hotels and Resorts team, and the Fiji Gateway Hotel wish all Fijians a very Merry Christmas.

How to find the best hotel in Nadi

How to find the best hotel in Nadi

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There are so many hotels in Nadi, how are you going to choose among them all? The choice means competition is fierce, so it’s up to you what conveniences and luxuries you want to pay for, and what you’re willing to give up in the name of cost.

Location, location, location

You want to think about where you’ll be staying and what amenities are close by your hotel. The airport is a useful starting point, as you’ll be arriving and departing via plane. There are a host of hotels close to both the airport and the beach, which will guarantee the best views. The airport is connected to all the major localities of Fiji, as well.

A room with a view

A subset of location, views are important for some but not for others. Fiji is one of the most beautiful places on earth, but there are still windows that look out on carparks or other hotels. Make sure you know what view you’re going to be waking up to every morning.

A host of facilities

Are you interested in all the modern conveniences, or will you sacrifice some facilities for a cheaper room? Are you happy to enjoy the natural beauty of Fiji or would you prefer sitting by the pool to the beach?

Be our guest – what’s the service like?

All Fijians are friendly – it’s a part of the culture. You don’t have to worry about service in any hotel in Fiji, that’s for sure. You will, however, want to figure out if you want any extras provided by the service staff.

Rooms and furniture

Like with facilities, you can choose to sacrifice a beautiful room and extra soft bed for a better price or location. You just have to choose before you book what you’re willing to give up for convenience.

Fiji Gateway

What do business guests look for in a hotel?

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Everyone has certain expectations when it comes to hotels, but business guests have higher expectations. Clean rooms and good location is just not enough – business travellers want a hotel that facilitates their business trip with star services.

Recent research out of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) emphasises business travellers’ desire for speed, efficiency, and the comforts of home when travelling. The GBTA research focussed primarily on the technology needs of business travellers, finding that apps, chargers, and high-speed Wi-Fi were among the services that made a hotel worth returning to.


Whether it’s an easy transfer from hotel to boardroom or room service within 30 minutes, business travellers desire speed in their transactions. Tight schedules and foreign destinations mean added stress for business situations in ways that travellers can’t control and can’t always prepare for, so it’s important to know that they can get something when they need it. This includes swift check-in and checkout times, managing loyalty cards and services, and garment pressing.


Similar to speed, business travellers want efficiency in all their dealings with their hotel. Being able to find and access hotel services, whether they be the gym, the pool, or the laundry service, makes a real difference in traveller productivity and enjoyment, and helps to preserve that much-needed routine when a business traveller spends long nights away.

The comforts of home

A tourist needs a home away from home – a business traveller needs an office away from the office. A comfortable and well-lit workspace, fast Wi-Fi, well-placed power outlets and adequate chargers for phones, laptops and tablets are just a few things that make all the difference when a business traveller sits down to work in between meetings.

The needs of business travellers are easy to pinpoint. They travel for a specific purpose, and what they need is services and amenities that make their travel and business easier. Speedy services, efficiency in dealing with their chosen hotel, and a few of the comforts of home are all that’s needed to create a world-class business travel destination.

More than you bargained for

More than you bargained for

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Reasons to embrace the airport hotel

Airport hotels have gotten a bad rap in the past, but they’re so much more than just a convenient place to lay your head between flights. Embracing airport hotels will give you a whole new outlook on travel, airports, and the dreaded waiting time.

Create the perfect refuge

Let’s face it; airports are nobody’s favourite place to be. The fluorescents, the crowds, the endless hallways of Duty Free and fast food – it’s impossible to relax! Get away from the bustle and bright lights by taking advantage of all the services an airport hotel can offer. Whether it’s a quick nap, a massage, or just a quiet place to have a coffee, an airport hotel can be the perfect refuge after long hours of travel.

Sleep easy

Early morning flights always seem like a good idea at the time, but when you’re faced with the prospect of starting your day before the cock crows, you know it’s going to be a rough day of travel. Get your beauty sleep and make your flight on time by booking an airport hotel for the night before. You’ll be awake and alert when parking your car at the airport, and you’ll have plenty of rest for your day of travel.

Connect with like-minded travellers

Travelling can be lonely, but it’s difficult to meet people when you’re always on the way to the next stop on your itinerary. Take advantage of your masses of airport waiting time to sit, have a drink, and introduce yourself to a friendly face. If you’ve been at a conference, you may even spot someone you know. You can regale them with your travel stories, and maybe they’ll thrill you with yours. Even if you don’t make a friend for life, you’ll probably get some great tips for the next trip!

Airport hotels can be so much more than what is on the surface, and there are so many great ones around the world. Try one out – you’ll never look at flying the same way again.