When planning your tropical getaway, the first thing you need to decide is what kind of holiday you’re after. Are you keen for the full resort experience, relaxing day after day with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other? Are you keen for an adventure, days hurtling from one adrenaline-fueled experience to the next? Or are you up for a bit of both – a bit of adventure, a few chill cocktails, and very little time in your room?

If you’re a choose-your-own-adventure traveller, you don’t want to be using your whole budget on a giant resort room with all the trimmings. You want a cosy little room with somewhere to hang your hat, somewhere to rest your head, relax watching TV with internet connection so you don’t fall out of touch. Situated across the road from Nadi International Airport, with a free shuttle connection and a poolside lounge, Fiji Gateway Hotel has exactly the kind of room for you.

Spend your days adventuring throughout Fiji’s glorious environment. Hike through its vastly underrated national parks, tour local villages and markets, and then spend your afternoon unwinding by the pool. Our tour desk can organise day trips and tours that could include snorkelling or scuba diving through one of Fiji’s hundreds of miles of protected reefs, surf one – or ten! – of it’s world-ranked breaks, dine in style at a local restaurant, and then head back to your air-conditioned room with ensuite bathroom to refresh, hit the hay and sleep like an angel.

Cosy, affordable, and right next to the airport, Fiji Gateway Hotel’s budget rooms are the perfect option for cash-conscious travellers on the lookout for their next tropical adventure.