Everyone has certain expectations when it comes to hotels, but business guests have higher expectations. Clean rooms and good location is just not enough – business travellers want a hotel that facilitates their business trip with star services.

Recent research out of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) emphasises business travellers’ desire for speed, efficiency, and the comforts of home when travelling. The GBTA research focussed primarily on the technology needs of business travellers, finding that apps, chargers, and high-speed Wi-Fi were among the services that made a hotel worth returning to.


Whether it’s an easy transfer from hotel to boardroom or room service within 30 minutes, business travellers desire speed in their transactions. Tight schedules and foreign destinations mean added stress for business situations in ways that travellers can’t control and can’t always prepare for, so it’s important to know that they can get something when they need it. This includes swift check-in and checkout times, managing loyalty cards and services, and garment pressing.


Similar to speed, business travellers want efficiency in all their dealings with their hotel. Being able to find and access hotel services, whether they be the gym, the pool, or the laundry service, makes a real difference in traveller productivity and enjoyment, and helps to preserve that much-needed routine when a business traveller spends long nights away.

The comforts of home

A tourist needs a home away from home – a business traveller needs an office away from the office. A comfortable and well-lit workspace, fast Wi-Fi, well-placed power outlets and adequate chargers for phones, laptops and tablets are just a few things that make all the difference when a business traveller sits down to work in between meetings.

The needs of business travellers are easy to pinpoint. They travel for a specific purpose, and what they need is services and amenities that make their travel and business easier. Speedy services, efficiency in dealing with their chosen hotel, and a few of the comforts of home are all that’s needed to create a world-class business travel destination.