Fiji’s natural beauty is its greatest asset, and its serene waters, stunning national parks, and world-renowned beaches are worth protecting. At Fiji Gateway Hotel, we’re wholly committed to being eco-friendly. From a ban on plastic bags and straws in our bar and restaurant, thinking green has become a way of life, and influences everything we do.

Christmas is a time for celebrating everything that’s wonderful about Fiji – our friends and family, our workplace, and this beautiful island we call home. In the spirit of eco friendliness, we’ve eschewed our usual plastic Christmas tree for something a little bit different, and much more interesting – a Christmas tree made out of wine bottles!

Raffe Hotels and Resorts Director of Sales, Marketing and Strategic Development Akshay Singh said being environmentally friendly was part and parcel of being a Fijian citizen.

“The whole point of it is to be environmentally focused and protect the environment that we live in because this is what Fiji is all about,” he said.

Our tree is made up of dozens of green and brown wine bottles collected by staff throughout the year. “It’s 920 bottles of wine that have been collected throughout the course of 2018.” Lit up from within, our wine bottle Christmas tree exudes the lavish and joyful Christmas spirit that makes Christmas in Fiji so special.

Small initiatives like this one can have a big impact on the environment, and it’s easy to do at home. We’re proud to have created something that will live on, and that can be reused year after year. “It is fantastic that the team at Fiji Gateway Hotel has shown that you can recycle rather than buying a plastic Christmas tree, which will then create more rubbish,” said Mr Singh.

Mr Singh, the Raffe Hotels and Resorts team, and the Fiji Gateway Hotel wish all Fijians a very Merry Christmas.